A conversation with Dave Snowden about SenseMaker and new practices for design in an increasingly complex world

User Story Mapping, “Smart” Coffee Scales, Bite-sized Motivation, Science of Storytelling, Neil Gaiman

I need to update the drawing. Words about DESIGN.

A graph that popped into my head when I couldn’t sleep one night

Originally published at tomkerwin.com

On the left of the graph, we’re doing too little research

A jolly-looking scarecrow, but don’t put him in charge of your A/B testing programme

I read an article about A/B testing that annoyed the hell out of me. I decided not to link to it because the misconceptions it touts are so common that it doesn’t feel fair to call out this one company. (Although I’m a little concerned because it’s a pretty grown up and well-respected company and should really know better.)

What’s the smallest step you can take right now towards getting your foot in the door?

“Can I get my foot in the door in UX? All the job openings specify years of experience, but I don’t have that … and I don’t really know where to start.”

Using A/B Testing to settle your design disagreement is like using a JCB to dig a child’s sandpit.

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